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Condos For Sale in Louisville, KY - East Side of Town!

Here they are, the hottest new Louisville Area Condo Listings you've been looking for!
Condos, High Rise Condominiums, Townhouse Condos, Stand Alone Condos, and Patio Homes for sale in east Louisville, KY!

Do you need a condo with 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or more? Do you want a 1st floor, 2nd Floor, or high rise condominium? How about a 2 story townhouse or 3 bedroom patio home? Do you need a condo with a basement, a patio home with a fenced yard, or a patio home with an attached garage? Do you want new construction custom built patio home where you can still pick out the carpet, tiles, hardwood floors and paint colors? Do you need a 1 bedroom condo, a 2 bedroom condo or 3 bedroom patio home? Whether you want a classic style condominium, want to see patio homes for sale, a townhouse or a stand alone condo, you can find them all here! We have all the Louisville Area Condo Listings to choose from listed by EVERY Realtor company in the Greater Louisville KY area. Have fun home shopping on your own, or give us a call at 502-821-3062.

Earl Weikel, Realtor

East Louisville Realty, LLC

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Office: 502-821-3062